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Surprise and Unique Gifts

Today is their silver wedding commemoration day,he promised to her a surprise and unique gifts, since half month ago she is expecting this gift ,
She wakes up early this morning, cooks delicious food, and dressed up, waiting for her gifts, but when he gets up, goes to the dining room, he just gives her a kiss and says good morning, then sits down to have breakfast, no more special things, she is a bit disappointed,then both of them go to work .

All the day she is thinking what kind of gifts will come,and spends a hard day, when she back to home, she smells delicious food taste, on the dining table,stands 3 bobbleheads, one was made for her, another two were made for his husband and son, hers is standing in the middle, her husband’s holding a bunch of red rose and her son’s holding a cake, both of their bobble head are facing to hers and smiling. She loves this special gift, and gives them a hug. It records their life, she has a happy family .

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